Friday, September 6, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014 Quickie Day #2

Welcome to day #2 of New York Fashion Week. 

- Tomorrow is a big day as Small Boutique Fashion Week LLC. will set the tone for SBFW2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion. It's another  runway extravaganza marked by 3 separate showcases that are sure to rock and roll down the runway. 30+ designers including +Yoli Rapp and the NYFW debut of Tidal Cool Creations will have their Spring 2014 collections featured. Seats fill up fast, so here is to hoping that your tickets were purchased early on. Sponsors of this event include +Elucid Magazine, Raine Magazine, and +The Fashion Hub . 

- Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been going on at full speed these past two days. Two designers that caught my eye? Glam designer Carmen Marc Valvo sent his much sought after dresses down the runway enriched with sheer fabric overlays and precisely angled peek-a-boo cuts. Oh boy did some of them flow. Noon By Noor made me drool when I saw the fun colors including a delish purple mixes. I was especially enthusiastic about the embellished floral textures used on a few different looks. See the  Noon by Noor MBFW runway photo clips below. 

Noon by Noor Spring 2014 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Trend Keeper Talks Tricky Trends for SS2013

Spring and summer of 2013 were full of bright prints, new materials, and unorthodox mixing and matching. There were more than a few trends that stood out to me as just a little outlandish – but where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve gone through these eccentric trends and paired them with classic pieces in order to create a classic, but original, outfit.


Romper - Forever 21
As a kid growing up in the 90’s, overalls were everywhere. But then – they went out of style (and I mean out). Lately, though, they’ve been making quite a comeback. You can find them in simple denim styles, or in brightly colored prints. I know when I first saw them starting to appear in stores again, I had my extreme hesitations. It is possible to make these “fit” with an outfit! Here is my take on a classic overall style.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Published in Elucid Magazine Summer 2013

Elucid Magazine Amber Sweet
Elucid Magazine Summer 2013
This is been such a treasured past few days as a working journalist. I finally received the go-head to spread the word publicly.  Sweet readers, I have had my second cover story published in the Summer 2013 issue of +Elucid Magazine. Feel free to read my latest work in the form of my first celebrity interview: Angela Sarafyan: Actor, Beauty, Rebel

It has been an honor and privilege to conduct this interview for one of the best growing NYC publications to work with. 

Just before being sent out for public viewing, the magazine reached 4000+ hits in three days. How amazing is it to go from a small time fashion blogger to interviewing the Hollywood set? 

 Keep up with the powerhouse of creativity behind the pages of Elucid Magazine on Facebook:
Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shady Dealin Embellished Sunnies

Snail mail besides a bill for a change? YES! Aqua blue cat eye sunnies with sparkling pink bow embellishments by Shady Dealin. Naturally, I proceeded to rip the box apart like an untamed beast upon arrival. The unveiling obviously called for an emergency Instagram moment. 

Did I mention it was raining? What a bummer!

The next day was a beach day. I was aware that my new Shady Dealin sunnies are dangerously cute, but you should have heard all of the positive feedback they recieved. So, I felt like a cool kid and refused to take my shades off for over 10 hours. 

The high level of construction and material quality is impressive. The bows do not feel or look like they would fall off, but it is hard not to carry that "you never know" mentality. I always break sunglasses of all price ranges. Let me inform you,  this is going to be a durable  and loving relationship.

About Shady Dealin

Megan Milliken (aka Shady Mae) has been crafty her whole life.  Combining her passion for crafting with her love of all things cute and sparkly, Megan created Shady Dealin, a line of hand embellished sunglasses.  Starting with cute cat eye, heart shaped, and wayfarer style frames in bold colors, Shady Dealin sunnies get the royal treatment with bows, cameos, roses, rhinestones, cup chain, and of course glitter!  Visit to find your favorite pair.

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fashion History Lesson: Khaki Pants

The History of Khaki PantsKhaki pants are certainly far from attractive; yet they are often a staple piece of clothing in the work world. Though you probably would not wear khaki pants to a social gathering, they are comfy, relaxed, and durable. 

Now for the History:

Lt. Harry Lumsden raised the Corp of Guides, a regiment of the British Indian Army back in 1864 where the world of  Khaki fully came to life. The term was born from the color of dye used for cloth worn by British Indian recruits. A belief came to light that  troops were seemingly best dressed in their native attire. With the idea of a lack of uniformity in mind, Lumsden put forth the effort to have the plain white uniforms dyed in Mulberry Juice [tea]. 

Khaki is derived from the Hindi word for dust. Makes perfect sense right?

When 1914 came around, a handful of us military services and ranks adopted a Khaki uniform. Post WWII the yellowish brown cloth made its way out into civilian life, originally being noted as Military issue khaki twill. 

Today's style of khaki pants are totally based on what I mentioned above! 

Another fashion history lesson is over and done with. 

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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